Pennsylvania Striped Bass Association

Annual OPEN Striper Tournament Rules

Raystown Lake – Huntingdon, PA

August 6th – 7th, 2016

1. I/We waive and release all other contestants, sponsors, Tournament Officials and the Pennsylvania Striped Bass Association from all claims of injury and/or damage incurred in connection with this tournament. Contestants also agree that the Tournament Committee will make the final decisions in all tournament matters. This tournament is OPEN to the public, provided that all contestants are in good standing with the PSBA.

2. Entry fee if $50.00 per person. All members of a team MUST fish from one boat. Payout will be 75% of entry fees.

3. There will also be an optional “Lunker Pool”. The cost to enter the “Lunker Pool” is $10.00 per person. If one person on the team enters the “Lunker Pool” all  contestants on that team MUST enter. All monies will be collected Friday night. Entry fees must be in cash, check or money order payable to PSBA. Entry fees are not refundable.

4. The minimum size to weigh-in a striper in this tournament will be 26″ inches in length. Any striper lifted from the water must be in good condition before it can be released. Any undersized fish is to be unhooked while the fish is still in the water. If a fish dies while in your possession , that fish will be a part of your daily limit.

5. This OPEN tournament is based on the total weight of TWO STRIPERS PER BOAT, for the two-day tournament. Any unclaimed prizes will go to the PSBA.

6. Registration will be from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Friday evening at the Tournament Headquarter. Location to be announced when confirmed. There will be a mandatory Captain’s meeting at 9:00pm following the registration for updates.

7. Non-contestants will NOT be permitted on your boat during tournament hours.

8. The lake is OFF LIMITS during registration hours and Captain’s meeting – NO EXCEPTIONS!! “Off Limits” means your boat is either on the trailer or is on the bank in a no-wake zone. There will be no catching of bait or lines out while the lake is “Off Limits”. Contestants violating any tournament rules will be disqualified and all entry fees will be forfeited.

9. All Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission rules and regulations will apply. Any contestant cited for any violation during tournament must notify a Tournament Committee member prior to final weigh-in. The Tournament Committee will decide on disqualification based on violation. Any contestant disqualified will forfeit all entry fees.

10. All stripers must be caught during tournament hours, and must have been caught by the team presenting the fish to be weighed in. Anyone caught swapping fish will be disqualified and banned from future tournaments.

11. No live bait may be brought into the state of PA! All bait MUST be netted from Raystown Lake. A cast net permit must be in the possession of the person doing the netting. Purchased baitfish with a receipt is allowed . Someone may give you bait, but you can only possess 50 baits without a net permit

12.Tournament starting time will be immediately following the Captain’s meeting Friday night. When the Captain’s meeting is over you are free to begin fishing.

13. There is no specific time to quit fishing. Weigh-in will be held on Sunday at 12:00 pm noon. Location to be announced when confirmed. A registered team member must be either signed in(or in line to sign-in) to weigh fish in by 12:00 pm sharp. If you are not there by 12:00 pm or in line you will not be permitted to weigh-in. You must judge your time needed to get from the lake to the tournament headquarters.

14. All stripers must be in good condition. They must have red gills, clear eyes, etc. They must be on ice and in coolers to be brought to the weigh station. Any striper in question is subjected to being cut open and the meat inspected. Keep them on ice!! It is your responsibility to take good care of the fish you catch. The Tournament Committee will make the final decision regarding the condition of the fish.

15. All protests against any contestant must be presented in writing to the Tournament Committee prior to the presentation of awards. The Tournament Committee will handle protests.



REV. 3/14/16