Pennsylvania Striped Bass Association

2016 One-Day Tournament Rules

(Effective January 2016)

1. I/We waive and release all other contestants, sponsors, tournament officials¬† and the Pennsylvania Striped Bass Association from all claims of injury and/or damage incurred in connection this this tournament. I understand and agree that the Tournament Rules Committee will make the FINAL decision in ALL tournament matters. One-Day tournaments are Member/Guest tournaments. Guests are defined as those who are NOT a PSBA member. Guests must fish with a club member. Guests will be permitted to fish one tournament per tournament year without becoming a member of the PSBA. If a guest wishes to fish more than once per tournament year, they must become a member of the PSBA! NO EXCEPTIONS! This is the responsibility of the boat captain to make sure that their “guest” are legitimate. If a team is in violation of this rule, winnings and points will be forfeited.

2. The minimum size for stripers to be eligible for weigh-in for all tournaments is 26″ inches in length. In attempt to save stripers, any fish lifted from the water and put in the boat must be in good condition before they are returned to the lake. All stripers that are undersized must be unhooked while the fish is still in the water.

3. Tournament results will be based on total weight entered for TWO STRIPERS PER BOAT for all tournaments.Any unclaimed prizes will go the the PSBA striper fishery.

4. One-Day tournaments are meant to offer a less demanding, more relaxing tournament experience for those who may have difficulty fishing regular club tournaments. One-Day tournaments DO NOT count for team or angler points, nor fish ladder points. The tournament point system is only for the 7 Member/Guest tournaments.

5. The entry fee for the One-Day tournaments is $25.00 per boat, regardless of how many contestants are in the boat. Optional $10.00 “Lunker Pool” is also available for those who are interested. If you are fishing with a partner(s) and decide to enter the “Lunker Pool”, all contestants on the boat are required to enter. Fees must be paid in cash, check or money order payable to “Cash”.

6. An optional “Anglers Choice” will be open to those interested. Fee is $5.00 per boat. Any legal catfish, lake trout or walleye is eligible. Only one fish will be weighed in per boat. Payout will be 80%, with 20% going to the PSBA striper¬† fishery.

7. Registration will be from 5:30 am – 6:00 am prior to the tournament starting time at the designated boat launch. Fishing will commence immediately after registration closes and mandatory captains meeting.

8. Prize payout will be 75%, with the number of places paid out based on the number of boats.

9. All state fishing rules and regulations apply. Any contestant cited for a violation during the tournament will be disqualified and any entry fees forfeited. The tournament committee must be notified by the contestant prior to weigh-in.

10. The final weigh-in time will be determined at the Captain’s meeting. All fish must be in fresh condition with red gills, clear eyes, etc. All protest against any contestant must be presented to the Tournament Committee in writing prior to the commencement of prize money being paid out. Protests will be handled by the tournament committee. The decision of the Tournament Committee is FINAL.

11. Due to the possibility of severe weather conditions late in the season, the PSBA reserves the right to cancel these tournaments. If weather is going to be bad, call ahead or check our website or our Facebook page.

REV. 3/14/16